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Birds of Britain and Europe allows you to identify birds of Europe. Sunbird Images. Most importantly, it is a nightmare to file a claim. A massive amount of paperwork, getting documentation from the airline, etc.

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So unless you tell me otherwise, Freebird has no competition! I have had cancellations on Southwest every week for the past 3 weeks so I thought my odds were good to be able to really use Freebird. Normally with Freebird you get a link in your text message where you can choose the same or next day flight on any airline that you want to rebook on, and I did get that. Then a few minutes later I got a text from Freebird customer service saying that a Delta flight from STL to DTW was the only remaining flight in the day and they were going to proactively book me on that because if they waited until after I arrived in STL there might not be enough time to book the ticket.

They told me to text them back if I wanted the Delta ticket or otherwise they would void it. One limitation of freebird is they don't have fields to enter your KTN which is really bizarre.

I know also there is a nuance with Delta where if you check in on the main desktop site, it will then not let you access your mobile boarding pass in the app; so I wanted to ensure I avoided that possible pitfall. Typically you are able to enter any terminal and concourse with a same day boarding pass out of the same airport. I told him we had been rebooked on Delta, and he said he wanted to make sure we didn't have any trouble in the gate area not having a Delta boarding pass.

I told him our fflight was leaving in 10 minutes, and then he said he would let us through. We then boarded the Delta flight again making the 47 minute connection with less then 10 minutes to spare. I then sent a Twitter direct message to Southwest asking them to refund my original ticket due to the irregular operation.

I was traveling on points and my friend was on my Southwest companion pass which is a a free ticket.

What does freebird mean?

They said that since we had partially used the tickedts they had to process the refund through a back end mechanism and they sent me a case number but the full original 15, points were deposited in to my Southwest account before the end of the night. Freebird also offered to take care of getting my Southwest refund for me, but as I am a very detail oriented person I wanted to do it myself; but many people would be very happy to have Freebird take care of these nuances and details for them.

If I had paid for the Southwest ticket, they would have also refunded the entire amount paid. It was incredible how quickly freebird handles the reaccommodation. Even if Southwest had an interline ticketing agreement with Delta, with they do not, there is no way the reaccommodation would have been processed fast enough for me to make the 47 minute connection going to another terminal and re-clearing security.

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The reaccommodation would have taken 5 to 10 minutes at the gate even if Southwest had there smartest quickest agenbts with no line and if they did it immediately and did not have any computer glitches and did not have to call Delta or call the internal help desk. So a key part of Freebird is this notion you can book the new flight in 3 taps through their rebooking flow.

I found the Freebird rebooking flow to be faster than other mobile booking channels. FlyerDigits likes this.

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  7. Find More Posts by jetsetter. Apr 22, 19, pm. WOW , Impressive , if you had luggage what would have happened? May 22, 19, pm. If you already checked your luggage and then had an irregular operation where say you switched to another airline in the connecting city, you would have to work with each airline to try to forward and retag your bagb.

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    Or more likely your bag would just arrive via the original itinerary and carrier that it was tagged on. A couple of pointers on bags: 1. Always carry enough clothes and supplies in your carry on for days so it won't matter as much; and 2. I keep a Tile Pro tracking device attached to my bag so I can track them. Any other Tile user can also add tracking data. This feature may sound theoretical but there are tons of Tile users and many times I get Tile updates from the community as they say.

    Jun 24, 19, am.