A Legacy of Faith

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He had the responsibility of leading soldiers and his family.

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His devotion to God was neither a hinderance nor an after thought; it was his habit to beseech God on behalf of others and to do what was in his power to assist. What about you?

Looking ahead

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The Legacy of Faith

How are you using your time, talent and treasures for Kingdom building? No faithful act is insignificant. At the time, I was 24 years old and barely getting by paying bills and learning about life. My anxiety grew with another thought: She is an eternal soul who must come to know God to know everlasting life. Am I up for this?

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What have I done? That is the ultimate question for all parents. Our children have eternal souls in need of salvation, and we have a significant role in ensuring they know and love God. Many parents clearly grasp this reality.

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  8. Their actions are passive and distracted. They cannot articulate how or what they are doing to ensure their children know God. They abdicate responsibility for spiritual training to their church as though an hour a week in Sunday school will do the trick. In short, they lack a vision for their children and have failed to prepare them for the future.

    Parents must establish a vision for their children.

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    When children are adults, who will they be? Will they serve God? Will they have the capacity to love others? Will they be equipped to pass on a spiritual legacy? There was a time when parents understood the stakes. They knew they were establishing a legacy of faith that would live for generations, eventually encompassing thousands of people in their family tree.

    Leaving a Legacy of Faith

    Train them as instructed in Proverbs. Without their consistent, purposeful leadership, we fall into the trap Paul mentioned in the scripture above: We stop thinking generationally. God is a generational God. He is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

    Out of all the people on earth, God chose Abraham and declared that he would be a good father. One of the primary objectives given to the Jewish people—and to us as believers—is that of legacy building.

    Living a Legacy of Faith

    It takes fatherhood. He had an intimate, personal relationship with God.

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    But one wonders if Samuel was thinking generationally. It means more than simply ceasing to nurse. Hannah cared for and taught her son until he was ready for the next stage of his training: apprenticeship.