Breath by Breath: The Liberating Practice of Insight Meditation (Shambhala Classics)

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Find out ebook version here Meet our Print Server here. Quality: High Quality. No missing contents. Printable - Length: Pages. E-Texts Platform offers a digital format for those who need a text-based solution. E-Text also provides students with a more comprehensive and enjoyable learning experience. This book reveals the penetrating insight and courage of a woman who surmounted physical, intellectual, and social barriers to pursue her spiritual quest.

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The emphasis on the mind in meditation can be somewhat misleading: If we pay attention only to mental processes and overlook the experience of the body, we can remain stuck in our heads and not be able to break free of the involuntary thinking that we find so claustrophobic and toxic. For all of us, its a familiar feelingjaw clenching, face flushing, hands shaking.

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We feel it for rational and irrational reasons, on a personal and on a global level. If we know how to handle our anger skillfully, it is an effective tool for helping us recognize that a situation needs to change and for providing the energy to create that change.

Yet more often anger is destructiveand in its grip we hurt ourselves and those around us. This powerfully moving memoir explores the connections between local history, the environment, the body, and the spirit. Intertwining themes of love and family, home and homelessness, neighborhood and lost wilderness, Barbara Gates takes the reader on a journey of personal discovery that artfully bridges the inner and outer worlds of experience.

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For centuries Tibetan Buddhists have employed a collection of pithy, penetrating slogans to help them develop equanimity, intelligence, and compassion amid the turbulence of daily life. This book presents this transformative spiritual practice called lojong in Tibetan in a way that readers of any background can understand and put to use.

From the earliest second-century b. Included in the rich variety of forms are architecture and monumental art, statuary, paintings, calligraphy, fresco, brushwork, and textile arts.

Here is an extraordinarily lucid and intelligent self-help book, inspired by the Abhidhamma, an ethical-psychological teaching presented in the body of ancient Buddhist scripture of the same name. Based on various techniques of Buddhist mind training, the Abhidamma represents the systematic knowledge of the Dharma, or "good teaching" - that is, the liberating, happiness-promoting way of life.

In this raw and moving memoir, Claude Thomas tells the dramatic story of his service in Vietnam, his subsequent emotional collapse, and how he was ultimately able to find healing and peace.

Thus we bow to life as it is. This verse, often recited in Zen retreats, is an important reminder, says Ezra Bayda, of what the spiritual life is really about: the willingness to open ourselves to "whatever life presents-no matter how messy or complicated. Through that willingness we discover wisdom, compassion, and the genuine life we all want. Bayda applies this simple Zen teaching to a range of concerns from everyday life-including relationships, trust, sexuality, and money-showing that we have all the material we need for practice right here before us, and that peace and fulfillment is available to everyone, right here, right now, no matter what the circumstances.

Few figures in the history of Buddhism in Tibet have had as far-reaching and profound an influence as the Indian scholar and adept Atisa Dipamkara Revered by all the schools of Tibetan Buddhism, Atisa and his students founded what came to be known as the Kadam school, whose teachings have influenced countless Buddhist masters. Work can often be frustrating.

Breath by Breath: The Liberating Practice of Insight Meditation

On the job we frequently face conflicts, difficult personalities, disappointing results, a variety of challenges and obstacles. In this unique book Michael Carroll, a Buddhist meditation teacher and a corporate executive, shares Buddhist wisdom on how to transform the common hassles and anxieties of life in the workplace into valuable opportunities for personal growth, heightened wisdom, and enhanced effectiveness.

Awaken Every Day shares a quick dose of everyday wisdom, encouraging us to understand the true causes of our suffering and the paths to freedom. These insightful reflections help us understand our minds, our connections to our communities, and how to become the people we aspire to be.

Breath by Breath: The Liberating Practice of Insight Meditation

Uncommon Wisdom from Everyday Experience "In showing how the Buddha's teaching can be applied here and now in every aspect of existence, An Awakened Life brings Buddhism down to earth and into the very heart of our human being. We often look far and wide for guidance to become better people, as though the answers were somewhere out there.

But Pema Chodron suggests that the best and most direct teacher for awakening loving-kindness is in fact your very own life. Based on talks given during a one-month meditation retreat at Gampo Abbey, where Pema lives and teaches, her teachings here focus on learning how to see the events of our lives as the perfect material for learning to love ourselves and our world playfully and wholeheartedly--and to live in our skin fearlessly, without aggression, harshness, or shame. This is instruction for embarking on the greatest adventure of all, to come alive to your inherent human kindness.

Can a meditative practice assist and promote the healing relationship between psychotherapist and patient? The notable contributors to this practical book draw on a wide range of Eastern and Western disciplines- psychoanalysis, Gestalt, Aikido, and various Christian, Hindu, and Buddhist contemplative traditions-to show that it can. What they propose is a meeting between the Western psychotherapeutic approach-grounded in working with the personal problems and the need to carve out a strong awareness of self-and Eastern tradition,which emphasizes a larger kind of awareness and equanimity as a continuously available source of clarity and health for those who know how to find it.

They show that joining psychotherapy with meditation can mutually awaken the hearts of both therapist and client, sparking them both to open more fully. The most basic, clear principles of Tibetan Buddhism are here lucidly presented by a renowned modern teacher and monk. Tai Situ illuminates Buddhist teachings in commonsense terms, using down-to-earth examples- making this is a perfect handbook for beginners as well as an excellent companion for long-time students.

That is how it is, from one perspective-at least until the ultimate goal of enlightenment is reached.

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On the other hand, Buddhism can be very simple, dissolving mysteries and complications easily with commonsense truths. In this book, Larry Rosenberg brings this timeless meditation method to life for people today, using the insights gained from his many years of practice and teaching. With wisdom, compassion, and humor he shows how the practice of breath awareness is quietly, profoundly transformative-and also supremely practical: if you're breathing, you've already got everything you need to start. Additional Product Features Dewey Edition. Larry Rosenberg beautifully elucidates one of the most important and profound Buddhist teachings in a way that is wonderfully accessible and relevant.

His great wisdom, clarity, and humor shine throughout. Show More Show Less. Pre-owned Pre-owned.

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