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Very highly recommended. Simple as it seems, even deep and reliable authors such as Richard Foster have said it is one of the very best. A nice study guide makes it ideal for small group use. Emerging from her own struggle with addictions, dysfunctions and urban angst, this well-known novelist and bohemian writer insists that there really are just three main words needed to express the deepest things of our hearts: help, thanks, and wow.

It is recent, comprehensive, clear and great gift to us all. This is particularly thoughtful, theologically reliable, Biblically-informed, and very clear. A must-read. Co-written with his wife Kathy, it is very nicely done, intimate and helpful. Still, it firstly is a lovely study of the ways in which Jesus prayed in the first century, and how we can learn from Him.

I have benefited enormously from this profound yet simple and helpful book.

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In this very engaging work, Miller offers wise, but down-to-Earth advice, tells humorous stories about his own daily life. Endorsements come from respected evangelical leaders such as Timothy Keller, J. Packer and Dr. Philip Ryken, the President of Wheaton College. This is his most well-known book, considered by many to be one of the most significant books on the topic written, at least in the last hundred years.

Christian Prayer Book

Written with a vocabulary and tone from another era, there is a reason this is one of the biggest selling religious books of all time. This is one of the rare books that studies the actual prayers and pray-ers of the Bible, and, by exploring the longings and words of these ancient pray-ers, offers glimpses into how we, too, can approach the Divine in words. Every chapter is the prayer of a different Biblical pray-er. Brueggemann is perhaps the most esteemed, if provocative, Old Testament scholar in our generation, recently retired from the Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur Georgia.

His dense and evocative prose has unlocked the social and historical context of the ancient Hebrew Scriptures, and he has done scholarly commentaries on many portions of the Older Testament. In this popular work he construes imaginative, thick readings of Israelite faith that has endlessly rich implications for our understandings today.

Not a practical manuel on how to pray, but a mature story of relevant Hebrew texts. In this tenderly told faith journey he writes of leaving his fundamentalist background, learning to experience God through more ecumenical, liturgical practices, attending his first silent retreats, and entering the world of writers, artists, mystics and laypeople exploring contemplative spirituality.

In this remarkable book, Hansen offers a key insight in each chapter about a particular way to pray, drawn from spiritual giants of the past. As a good guide, he reminds us that the point is not just to learn about these famous pray-ers and their books but to actually pray and experience God, as did they did. Hansen, a Presbyterian seminary professor, helps us by explaining, for instance, St.

This historical study is itself deeply spiritual, warm and insightful, brilliant, even, by a serious scholar of the period and a helpful spiritual guide in the evangelical and Reformed tradition. A lovely forward by J. This reminds us of the need for silence, prayerfulness and solitude, and what happens to a society were a frenzied pace makes such solitude rare.

Barton, who runs the Transforming Center in Wheaton, Illinois, is a lovely writer, one who has absorbed the best insights of broad streams of church renewal and who also knows how to explain these contemplative practices to ordinary, contemporary people with our fast-paced lives; she jokes that she herself was an over-booked, busy soccer-mom while writing this book. In her wonderful attention to divine invitations she offers extraordinary insight about wise and spiritually- alive lifestyle choices and habits of the heart that allow us to be transformed from the inside out.

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