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Whenever a fracture is open skin broken over the fracture , urgent surgery is needed to clean out the wound and bone to minimize the risk of infection. Non-surgical treatment such as using a sling, cast or splint is typically used when the bones are at low risk of moving out of place or when the position of the bones is okay as is.

Age is also an important factor when treating elbow fractures. Casts are used more frequently in children, as their risk of developing elbow stiffness is small; however, in an adult, elbow stiffness is much more likely.

Rehabilitation directed by your doctor is often used to maximize motion and decrease the chance of getting elbow stiffness. This might include exercises, scar massage, ultrasound, heat, ice and splints that stretch the joint. Find a hand surgeon near you. This content is written, edited and updated by hand surgeon members of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand. Tip 1: Start with the basics like "carpal tunnel.

Elbow Fractures

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  6. Share your space with artists in your area. I saved them from the bad guys at the hospital. The director talked about the question Fractured leaves fans with at the end of the movie:.

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    I wonder if he will wake up to the truth or not. Depending on how bleak of an outlook you have on things, you can say better that he live in self-delusion, which is better than him living in reality. We all do that to a certain degree in our lives. We just want to gloss them over and put them aside. He wants to be a father and husband who did the right thing.

    You have to imagine the police will show up at some point.

    Or someone will ask about the live or maybe dying and on the way to death patient in the backseat, and the two dead bodies in the trunk. Ray doesn't have a solid grip on reality, so I'm wondering if he'll still see that as the corrupt world trying to gaslight him. Everyone is in on it, etc. As director Brad Anderson added:.

    In this movie, in some weird way, the bending of reality and truth is kind of relevant to the times we live in. You can make your own truth. Like this movie, you could just drive off into the sunset believing whatever you want to believe. Did you see that particular Fractured ending twist coming, or were you expecting something else? At one point I thought maybe Ray had imagined the entire hospital.