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If nothing else, the past month had at least taught him that vampires could - and did - die just as easily as any other creature, if the right sort of monster wanted it to happen. And the world sure had a lot more monsters in it than his parents had ever led him to believe. But that was a pretty big number for a town of this size. Gavin glanced towards the two incubi again, but this time with a grudging respect.

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If not for their covey, the number of newborns might have been even higher. They might be useless annoyances in every other way, but the bastards could fly, and they could track newborns during the daylight hours when Gavin and his teammates had to retreat from the sun. The vampires and incubi had all retreated into the cathedral for the next week, fortifying against further attacks while they healed up and tried to work out a better plan of attack.

But the succubus queen had been careful to stay locked in her chambers while the blood agents were present. None of the vampires had caught a single glance of her.

Instead, it had been Brandy that had done most of the communicating, caring messages back and forth between Ayleth and Natalie. With one exception. There was just something about that shy smile and those doe brown eyes that had tied his gut into knots. And her body was a whole other kind of fantasy. All soft curves and smooth skin that would make any red blooded male stir crazy for a taste. And it was a huge kick in the balls to feel that sort of connection to a woman that was bonded to not just one, buttwoof the damned cuntsuckers!

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Gavin curled his nose. The crack of a door being kicked open had the vampire drawing out his gun, and the incubi crouching into gargoyle stances with their wings held stiffly curved above them like twin switchblades. Within the space of a single heartbeat, the inner doors to the room crashed open, and three male vampires stood in the opening. Despite their youthful appearance, all three of them were built like war tanks and dressed in black fatigues and tight black t-shirts.

They each had their hair buzzed into short military cuts, and they each had the rattle of silver dog tags around their necks to explain why. These boys were a long way from wherever they called home. But Natalie would have his balls on a platter if he let anything happen to her new pets. Three sets of eyes snapped back to Gavin, and then down to the fully automatic pistol in his hand. A vampire with a machine pistol could lay down a whole lot of hurt in a very short amount of time. He had pale blonde hair, cut so short it was barely a golden glow over his scalp, and his dark brown eyes matched Gavin glare for glare.

There was a soft vibration of sound behind him and Gavin narrowed his eyes. Something was wrong here. He made a gesture with his free hand and a whisper of sound assured him that both incubi had just vanished through the rooftop. Did you see that? There was no chance they had come this far without picking up the scent of Natalie and the rest of her team. And judging from their obvious lack of appreciation for incubi, he doubted it was the second option. This is Jake Salas and Spencer Reed.

He cocked his head and listened for some sign that the incubi had heard him. A moment later one of the winged demons dropped through the ceiling to land in a crouch beside him. I want one of you to fly ahead to the warehouse, and the other…to your nest. With these two warriors at my side, we can bare handedly take down a fully equipped platoon of no less than forty highly trained soldiers in under fifteen minutes. Gavin sensed this information did nothing to soothe the incubus beside him, but he motioned for the twin to ascend and the demon was gone in an instant.

They have fought beside us, they have bled beside us, and we have sworn to die fighting to protect them even as they have protected us.

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Is that understood, Marine? You too, Lance Corporal. The words were meant as a direct reminder of who held the rank in this group, and what the consequences of disobedience might be. Both secondary warriors understood that and straightened sharply. My men will follow orders. Once our job here is completed, we will expect immediate notification sent back to General Leitner so we can be reassigned.

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  • Military accolades or not. It was immediately apparent that the twin incubi had warned Natalie of their impending arrival, because armed vampires were waiting in the parking lot when Gavin showed up with his recently acquired entourage. There were a few snide remarks from the back of the Humvee when the military boys saw the warehouse, but Gavin pointedly ignored them. It might look like a rundown abandoned warehouse from the outside.

    But it was a state-of-the-art command center on the inside. Private First Class Jake Salas. Lance Corporal Spencer Reed. These are the warriors that General Leitner assigned to us. Ahead were a set of large double steel doors which slid open as the group approached, revealing a second group of armed vampires coming down the hallway towards them from the other side.

    Regardless, he was glad when Angela moved to discreetly block that particular view.

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    The command room carried banks of computer monitors, offering access to every camera in the city, including those inside major federal facilities like the police department and FBI offices. The access was necessary to aid in the prevention of any supernatural homicides falling into the hands of the local authorities. Logan gave the leader time to reinforce everything Gavin had already told them, plus add a few veiled threats of her own, before he finally spoke up.

    Just tell me what you need us for and let us do our job…Sir. The incubi fly security during the day, we run security at night. Instead, there was an obvious glint of interest…possibly even hope.

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    What the hell had the Marine been expecting? You can put your winged dogs back in their kennel, Captain. My boys and I will have the situation under control promptly.

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    I served beside your General Leitner before your great-grandparents were ever born, and long before he ever achieved his current rank and position. Why do you think my request for support went straight to the top of the food chain? That should allow my men and I to gain a full appreciation for whatever it is you might have here, and plan a course of action. It was a firm establishment of who was in charge and who the boys better be willing to take orders from.

    Natalie motioned to where William was standing near the door. The blonde haired, amber eyed vampire had remained silent throughout the exchange, but Gavin could see his hand resting near the Beretta M9A1 seated in the holster on his thigh. Please make use of it. There will be no live hosts or free range feeding within city limits.

    William will show you the weight center, fire range and other training facilities we have available within this building. If you need anything, you will ask Gavin or you will ask me. That will be all, gentlemen. Thank you. As the trio filed out behind their guide, Gavin waited until the doors were closed, then turned to his remaining team members. These guys are packing a whole lot of attitude behind a whole lot of military training. The sharp scent of ozone struck their senses only a moment after an incubus landed in the corner furthest from the door the Marines had just exited.

    Liam was old enough even his eternally young incubus body was beginning to show signs of wear and tear. There were strands of silver in his blonde hair and those sky blue eyes had slight creases at the corners. He was the alpha of the Tornridge cathedral covey. Their leader, although Ethan — his second — was the one most often giving the commands.

    To have this particular male show up in person was a sure sign that the queen was in a state of unrest. Will they be enough to combat the emotionally unstable and violent creatures the Super-blood is spawning? Ian had nearly died a month ago, while attempting to protect the Covey.

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    Now he carried that volatile Super-blood virus. Gavin Powell was a mortal once, but that was a long time ago. Now he's the Lieutenant Commander in a supernatural militia created for one purpose; to terminate a creature so brutal and so bloodthirsty, it is threatening to destroy all of mankind. The ancient feud between vampire and incubus must be forgotten, if either species is to survive. They must put aside their hatred for each other and learn to fight together. But that is easier said than done, especially when Gavin craves one of the human women that the incubi protect within their nest.