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When in proximity to gold, Giuseppe's body reaches a new state of evolution, utilizing latent DNA in order to develop new cellular structures that drastically affect his body structure.

Gold causes Giuseppe's cells to add new tasks to their original purposes, including the reconstruction of aging, diseased, or damaged cellular structures. When siphoning gold, Giuseppe's body gains powerful reconstructive properties, enabling him to heal from a multitude of wounds. The gold causes Giuseppe's pain receptors to momentarily desensitize, in order for his cells to continue to function at maximum capacity. Gold also increases the energy efficiency of Giuseppe's tissues; he can sustain himself through intense conditions, storing far more energy in his mitochondria than a normal man could.

Perhaps due to the directly positive effect it has on his body systems, Giuseppe can siphon gold indefinitely, unlike his other metals. Giuseppe is most skilled in using gold above all other metals. Copper: When siphoning copper, Giuseppe's five senses grow far more acute than an average man's. The cellular tissues in his eyes, nose, tongue, and ear grow more effective, causing him to pick up on much more of his environment.

The nerves in his skin also become more sensitive, causing his sensation of touch to triple in precision. The biological centers managing the data his senses collect also grow more complex, enabling him to make sense of his newfound abilities to detect the world around him. His mind itself grows sharper, enhancing his reaction time nearly ten times. His focus augmented heavily by the copper, he can perform calculated movements and actions on pure instinct, such as aiming a firearm while jumping out of a burning building, than grabbing onto a flagpole to save himself Siphoning copper can also be dangerous, though, as his more acute senses can be exploited by his foes.

It took years of training for Giuseppe to only augment one of his five senses at a time, a strategy he is still in the process of refining. Steel, Iron, or Lead: These three metals do not affect Giuseppe internally, like gold or copper; rather, he is able to reach out to them, using his mutant abilities to manipulate their electron fields to actually move them without touching them.

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As Giuseppe is limited by both his proximity to the metals and their relative volumes, he cannot lift much, instead altering the direction, speed, and shape of said metals. He mainly uses these powers for finely manipulating his tools, such as keeping a good grip on a gun when in intense combat, or altering the trajectory of his unique grappling hook.

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Because they do not siphon directly into him, Giuseppe does not run the risk of "running out" of power to use with these metals. Sodium: A dangerous metal to keep around due to its high reactivity, pure sodium enables Giuseppe to excite the electrons in an object of his touch, making them explode after a short delay.

When Giuseppe siphons sodium, it becomes less reactive, as he is moving the excited electrons from it into an object of his choice. Additionally, Giuseppe can siphon the explosive potential of the sodium directly into himself, repurposing it into a "kinetic field" of sorts. When doing so, Giuseppe is far more resistant to heat than normal, as well as weak blunt impacts such as thrown punches, kicks, or ambient shrapnel. Mercury: Siphoning mercury is nearly as dangerous as siphoning sodium.

A variety of effects take place; Giuseppe's cells become softer and more malleable, taking on the soft nature of the only metal that is liquid at room temperature. He becomes far more acrobatic, but less durable, aiding him in quick escapes or in slipping out of bonds. Giuseppe can only alter his cellular composition with mercury for a very limited amount of time; otherwise, he would risk structural decomposition to his tissues, and he would need gold in order to heal the damage done.

Titanium: In a way, the effects of siphoning titanium are opposite those of siphoning mercury. Rather than becoming pliable and liquid-like, Giuseppe's cells multiply and condense, adding body mass to his form. His weight increases exponentially as new cells are created and compacted into where old ones used to be.

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The result is a massive growth in Giuseppe's body density, strength, and durability. When empowered by titanium, Giuseppe can lift approximately one ton. Rather than use his new strength for lifting, however, he channels it into striking power, targeting the more easily broken parts of his foes' bodies. He also uses the strength to increase his mobility, pulling himself great lengths along on his grapple wire at high speeds - a feat of strength no ordinary man could accomplish. Lithium: Siphoning lithium affects the bio-electric fields put off by Giuseppe's so-called "excitable cells," which include muscle cells, neurons, and some endocrine cells.

Amplifying the galvanic reactivity of his muscles and linking them directly to his neural cells, lithium supercharges Giuseppe's nervous system, causing him to move his body at the upper limit of human mobility. Giuseppe can also release the rapidly built-up bioelectricity through his touch, akin to an electric eel, or to endure high-voltage shocks. While not particularly useful for combat purposes, Giuseppe can use this "release" to power small electronic devices, or to send electric currents through conductive substances. Advanced Combatant: Giuseppe has spent many years refining several martial techniques for use in his adventures.

With an emphasis on powerful, strong strikes, as well as high mobility, Giuseppe targets the extremities of his foes, looking to cripple arms, legs, and the head, rather than aiming for a traditional body shot. His main technique involves the use of his metallic grapple claw's reel as a whip, lashing his opponents with metal-imbued strikes, or entangling them within a lethal web of steel-fiber rope.

Experienced Firearm User: Giuseppe has experience using most conventional firearms, such as pistols, rifles, shotguns, grenade launchers, and rocket projectors. His aim, grip, and reaction times are all aided by his siphoning abilities. Freerunning Expert: Giuseppe has practiced the art of freerunning since childhood. Otherwise known as parkour, freerunning employs the use of acrobatics to move across obstacle-ridden environments at high speeds, often using the environment as a method of travel.

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Track this horse Track this horse. All Distances 7f 1m 1m-1m2f 1m2f-1m4f 1m6f—2m.

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All race types Flat Turf Maiden. All Classes 1. Full Replay Show Finish. Date days since Race Details Wgt. Summary - Data does not include this horse 44 runs, 8 wins 5 horses , 10 placed, 26 unplaced. Next time out 8 runs, 3 wins, 1 placed, 4 unplaced. Class analysis 0 runs up in class, 0 wins, 0 placed, 0 unplaced. Index value from 8 horses.

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ATR Future Form. Summary - Data does not include this horse 47 runs, 9 wins 5 horses , 9 placed, 29 unplaced. Next time out 9 runs, 2 wins, 1 placed, 6 unplaced. Class analysis 13 runs up in class, 4 wins, 1 placed, 8 unplaced. Index value from 9 horses. Summary - Data does not include this horse 34 runs, 5 wins 4 horses , 7 placed, 22 unplaced.

Next time out 9 runs, 0 wins, 4 placed, 5 unplaced. Summary - Data does not include this horse 17 runs, 5 wins 3 horses , 0 placed, 12 unplaced. Next time out 9 runs, 2 wins, 0 placed, 7 unplaced. Class analysis 6 runs up in class, 1 win, 0 placed, 5 unplaced. Index value 0 from 9 horses. Caulfield Caulfield. Summary - Data does not include this horse 65 runs, 16 wins 7 horses , 12 placed, 37 unplaced.

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Next time out 15 runs, 3 wins, 3 placed, 9 unplaced. Index value from 15 horses.

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Summary - Data does not include this horse 52 runs, 7 wins 4 horses , 10 placed, 35 unplaced. Next time out 11 runs, 1 win, 2 placed, 8 unplaced. Index value from 11 horses. Epsom Downs Investec Derby Group 1. Message No Future Entries. View Full Racecard. R2 Caulfield 01 Sep Caulfield 3yo plus Winner 0 - 15 ran. M Rodd.