Nuit enchantée - Un désir sans fin (Passions Extrêmes) (French Edition)

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Meanwhile in their sweet infatuation our lovers tell their love to the night-stars! Here are our men! Quelle rage! Bon courage, Et franc jeu! Il se bat En soldat! What fury! Bless my soul!

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Take heart! And play fair! See how this boy defends himself against a man! He fights like a soldier! Mercutio and Benvolio enter. He draws his sword and hurls himself between the combatants. Like masters. Tybalt, followed by Paris and a few friends, enters and takes up the insult.

Mercutio and Tybalt cross; at the same moment, Romeo hurries up and dashes between them. His demon leads him to me! Out with your sword! Eh bien, donc! Je vengerai ton injure! I have in my heart reasons to love you which despite myself come to disarm me! I am no coward!

He moves as though to go. Did I hear you aright? Very well then, if your arm is to fail in its task henceforward the honour belongs to me! I shall avenge your insult! Tybalt, you rat-catcher, on guard and defend yourself! Capulets I trust in him! Sa haine et sa fureur i Tybalt et Mercutio croisent le fer. Pourquoi te jeter entre nous? On emporte Mercutio qui succombe.

Foul brood! Shake with terror! And may hell assist his hatred and his fury! Must you always through your fury give to the world a spectacle of horror? Tybalt and Mercutio begin to fight. I am hurt! Why came you between us? Mercutio is carried away, and dies. Ils croisent le fer. On cesse de se battre. Fuis sans perdre un instant! Il meurt! Now away back to heaven, infamous caution! They cross swords. Tybalt is hit and staggers; Capulet enters, runs up to him and supports him in his arms.

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The fighting stops. Escape without losing a moment! I — to flee — cursed by her! I give you my solemn word! A crowd of townspeople have invaded the stage. He is dying!


O day of tears! An unreasoning anger Ensanglante nos armes! Et le malheur plane sur nous! On entend des fanfares. Le Duc! Capulet se tourne vers le Duc.

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And misfortune hovers above us! O day of mourning, etc. Trumpets are heard. The Duke! The Duke enters followed by his retinue of gentlemen and pages carrying torches. Capulet turns towards the Duke. I avenged my friend, let my fate take its course! Always blood! Nothing will still the criminal furies in your hearts!

Nothing will make the weapons drop from your hands and I myself shall be touched by your quarrels!

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But you are not the aggressor I exile you! Unjust decree which disarms us too late, you set the crown on this day of woe! I see perish in blood and tears all the hopes and desires of my heart! Too just decree by which their weapons are blunted, you come too late on this day of woe! I see perish in blood and tears all the hopes, all the desires of my heart! Unjust decree by which their weapons are blunted. I see perish in blood and tears, together with the laws, our homeland and our honour! Unjust decree that disarms us too soon, you set the crown on this day of woe!

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No, no! I shall die but I will see her again!

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