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Thankfully, there is plenty of it. And the soundtrack of the latest season strikes all the right chords. Season 1 was a different beast in itself.

Season 2, on the other hand, in its quest of moving from horror to the sci-fi genre, faced minor stumbles. But Season 3 truly gives us the best that Stranger Things can be.

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JW3 & Circle Sq with Carl Honoré speaking about being older and (B)older.

Zamilur Rahman Shuvo. Click here to download it for your device. The Daily Star Breaking news alert on your phone. Leave your comments Comment Policy. Top News. View More. More from TV Series Review. The Spanish Princess: A medieval fanfic. Both perspectives require huge changes in mindsets and demand a completely open-minded approach to everything.

From the perspective of the ELT professional, and I will use myself as an example, I believe that I could start to take the following into account:. From the perspective of the employer, I would hope that the following could be taken into account:. We cannot hold back the changes that we as individuals and as members of society will have to face as we become older.

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However, we need to begin to see ageing in professional environments as a positive and necessary process. Our layered lives and professional experience count for a great deal, and we as a group of ELT professionals need to talk about this and ensure it is seen and understood and valued. Centre for Ageing Better Becoming an age-friendly employer , Available from: www. Flatt T.

A new definition of aging?. Gayford, M.

Renata Singer

Gilbert SF. Sunderland MA : Sinauer Associates. Aging: The Biology of Senescence. Kwak, S.

Working Paper No. Please check the How to be a Teacher Trainer course at Pilgrims website. On growing older: am I ageing? On ageing and company culture change There are, however, moments in which this fear becomes heightened and bursts out into the open. On becoming bolder: ageing and world statistics We can, however, only understand this whole issue of ageing and the workplace if we look ahead at what will happen demographically to the world.

Article 16 We recognize the need to strengthen solidarity among generations and intergenerational partnerships, keeping in mind the particular needs of both older and younger ones, and to encourage mutually responsive relationships between generations. From the perspective of the ELT professional, and I will use myself as an example, I believe that I could start to take the following into account: Broaden my own understanding of the different skills and knowledge sets which each generational group has and actively participate in learning opportunities between the different age groups.

As a more experienced professional, I need to be aware that going to a conference and watching a first-time speaker can indeed add to my own development, as I will be able to see things from a completely new perspective. Adopt a far more pro-active attitude towards continuous professional development, being willing to move beyond my customary CPD choices and explore new fields of knowledge.

If I have always chosen to be part of a particular SIG in an association, why not join a completely different SIG and broaden my own outlook, allowing myself to assume the role of a novice once again. Continue being an active member of communities of knowledge and associations, such as ELT associations. These allow for a number of networking opportunities, not to mention being able to keep abreast of the changes taking place in the field. Invite a millennial to work alongside myself on a classroom-based inquiry or a research question, which will enable us to engage in exploratory practice from multiple perspectives and improve our collaboration skills.

Reflect on the process and learn from the challenges we experience. Understand that leadership is not directly associated with hierarchical company structure. Ensure my curriculum and professional skills are up to date, so that I am ready at any time to face new opportunities and challenges.

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Understand that change and growth will continue to be an important aspect of my professional career. This would mean encouraging peer mentoring between professionals of different generations. Adopt a positive hiring policy: this might mean minimising bias in the hiring process and implementing a recruitment processes with a clear statement of equal opportunity for all age groups. Stars: Not yet identified. Attributes: Not yet identified. Clip Purchase. Purchase complete!

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