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Keep scrolling for more. Synonyms for retribution Synonyms payback , reprisal , requital , retaliation , revenge , vengeance Visit the Thesaurus for More. Did You Know?

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Recent Examples on the Web While the president vowed to knock Tester out in retribution , Republicans still needed a vehicle for their revenge. First Known Use of retribution 14th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1. Learn More about retribution. Resources for retribution Time Traveler! Explore the year a word first appeared. Dictionary Entries near retribution retrial retribalization retribute retribution retributive retributive justice retributor. Phrases Related to retribution divine retribution.


Buddhism conceived men as constantly making their own world for good and ill; it took over from Brahmanism a whole series of heavens and hells to provide an exact adjustment in the future for the virtue or vice of the present; and its eschatologic confidence was one of the potent instruments of its success in countries which, like China and Japan, had developed no theories of retribution or reward beyond the grave. On his way he came to the town of Yezdikhast, where he demanded a sum of money from the inhabitants, claiming it as part of secreted revenue; the demand was refused, and eighteen of the head men were thrown down the precipice beneath his window; a saiyid, or holy man, was the next victim, and his wife and daughter were to be given over to the soldiery, when a suddenly-formed conspiracy took effect, and Zakis own life was taken in retribution for his guilt In , when the British army advanced through the Bolan Pass towards Afghanistan, the conduct of Mehrab Khan, the ruler of Baluchistan, was considered so treacherous and dangerous as to require " the exaction of retribution from that chieftain," and " the execution of such arrangements as would establish future security in that quarter.

He founded and edited The Universalist Magazine ; later called The Trumpet and The Universalist Expositor ; later The Universalist Quarterly Review ; wrote about io, sermons, many hymns, essays and polemic theological works; and is best known for Notes on the Parables , A Treatise on Atonement and Examination of the Doctrine of a Future Retribution ; in these, especially the second, he showed himself the principal American expositor of Universalism. In the former verses Esau is destroyed by his allies, and they occupy his territory, but in the latter he perishes with the other heathen in the day of universal retribution , he disappears before the victorious advance of Israel, and the southern Judaeans occupy his land.

From the point of view of religion, we may notice the emphasis on the doctrine of strict retribution vers. This may have been a proper thing to do if their distrust of Shelburne was incurable, but the next step, coalition with Lord North against him, was not only a political blunder, but a shock to party morality, which brought speedy retribution.


The doctrine of the Pythagoreans that the essence of justice conceived as equal retribution was a square number, indicates a serious attempt to extend to the region of conduct their mathematical view of the universe; and the same may be said of their classification of good with unity, straightness and the like, and of evil with the opposite qualities.

These relations Herbart finds to be reducible to five, which do not admit of further simplification; and corresponding to them are as many moral ideas Musterbegriffe , viz. Bernard represents man's bondage to Satan "as righteously permitted as a just retribution for sin," he being "the executioner of the divine justice. My family will exact vengeance for this violation.

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Keeping us any longer will only serve to bring additional retribution. It was what he thought he wanted: the mighty kingdom of Tiyan, his to use for retribution against those who had taken his family and relegated him to the life of a slave. Under scrutiny and with retribution a certainty, indirect expression became circuitous.

Furthermore, violence and retribution are shown as inherent in the illness itself and thus inescapable. Paterson exacts retribution in the form of a straight kick between the posts. Has he changed his nature and found a new life, and if so, will he escape retribution? A general outbreak of rebellion would bring retribution on the whole nation by the Romans.

This, obviously, is karmic retribution for the self-satisfied way I showed off my new phone to friends at the weekend. Finally, what is perhaps the most important difference is the doctrine of divine retribution. Also, the longer their sentences the less excuse later on for violent retribution from high-minded members of the public. You'll find everything you need to exact merciless retribution upon anyone in the pages of this handy, illustrated book.

Or has he somehow faked his own death in order to avoid some terrible retribution?

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Anybody who tries to cheat them, steal from them or spy on them can expect immediate retribution. The broadcast media and portions of the print media continued to practice a great degree of self-censorship in order to avoid provoking government retribution. The Times of the 27th of December , referring to the disaffected state of the southern counties, said: "The present population must be provided for in body and spirit on more liberal and Christian principles, or the whole mass of labourers will start into legions of banditti - banditti less criminal than those who have made them so, and who by a just and fearful retribution will soon become their victims.

To as much of this diatribe as concerned himself Boyle quickly replied with force and dignity, but it was from Hobbes's old enemy that retribution came, in the scathing satire Hobbius heauton-timorumenos Israelite historians viewed these events as a great religious revolution inspired by Elijah and initiated by Elisha, as the overthrow of the worship of Baal, and as a retribution for the cruel murder of Naboth the Jezreelite see Jezebel. All rights reserved.

Theology Punishment or reward distributed in a future life based on performance in this one.


Noun plural retributions Punishment inflicted in the spirit of moral outrage or personal vengeance. Revenge is for an injury; retribution is for a wrong. Retribution sets an internal limit to the amount of the punishment according to the seriousness of the wrong; revenge need not. Revenge is personal; the agent of retribution need have no special or personal tie to the victim of the wrong for which he exacts retribution. Revenge involves a particular emotional tone, pleasure in the suffering of another, while retribution need involve no emotional tone.

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