Saving Marta

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The officers haven't seen the man since, but had this message for him:.

TOS2:DoNW: Saving Marta

The Red Cross honored each officer with a certificate of extraordinary personal action for what they did. MARTA has installed defibrillator devices in all its stations and police cars. They've credited these devices with saving four lives in the past three years.

Women's World Cup: Vadao unsure over Marta's return

Brazil's next game is against Australia on Thursday but Vadao indicated Marta remains a doubt due to her thigh problem. Reggae Girlz coach Hue Menzies was frustrated by his side's inability to create chances against a strong Brazil outfit. But overall I thought we learned a lot of lessons, we'll go back to the drawing board and try to fix it for the next game.

We're a country of three million people so we have maybe five million outside of Jamaica. We've made them proud, Sydney had a stellar game and I told my team she really saved us a lot, not just from embarrassment, but being there for us.

World Cup: Marta of Brazil sets record with 17th goal

How it works. Marta D Weiss is organizing this fundraiser. Please, be a part of saving Moises Galeana from going blind!

He has been diligently going to doctors to try to save his eyesight. After numerous ointments, drops and doctor visits costing over a thousand dollars out-of-pocket, his eyesight kept deteriorating, Moises and his family were losing hope, and there was no clear understanding of the cause or possible treatments. In May , I started accompanying Moises to visits with a new eye specialist to help him navigate the maze of medical and eye care options.

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Moises discovered that his left eye has completely failed, has active infections, including an ulcer, and requires several medications and close monitoring. This has meant more doctor visits and expensive ointments - which Moises has continued to pay out of pocket - all in order to prevent further complications that would necessitate emergency surgery to remove his left eyeball.

He and his family are once again hopeful that Moises will see again, be able to work again, and enjoy his wife and children.