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Hanging out the dirty laundry.. Local newspapers are rough on ole one eye. Nothing like Downey spring fresh Abercrombie to wipe,no fancy commode out there. Test all students, find the perps. Beautiful weather, enjoy the trip.

5 Laundry Hacks That Make Life Easier & Your Clothes Cleaner!

I saw some blue and white fans at one of the popular breakfast places this morning. You will not win. Cal Poly is a very good academic school, but not at the expense of sports success. Soiled clothes on display The Yale Daily News. It was nutella, not poop.

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Apparently this was a Pundits joke. Jay Lundeen. It obviously wasnt real poop and was obviously the Pundits. Bob Jones.

Help on washing elderly mother clothes (soiled with diarrhea)

Except we did win. Please send all tips to crosscampus yaledailynews. Regular updates given via yaledailynews on Twitter. A laundry line of soiled T-shirts, pants and towels appeared outside of Berkeley College last night. At a.

How to stop clothes spreading germs

The Yale Police Department declined to comment on this latest development. In a a. Previously reported here. This is not okay.

Learning About Washing Soiled Clothes and Linens

The grounds and custodial staff should not have to deal with someone doing things like this. This goes well beyond the realm of simple college pranks or fun—this person is seriously disturbed. No single person can produce this much poop! Def not dookie. I would be envious of anyone that could produce such consistent coloring within a sample this large.

Hanging out the dirty laundry..

Local newspapers are rough on ole one eye.