Some Alabama Descendants of JAMES ACTON (1746-1819)

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Haven't been very active in my searches lately, but hope to get back to it soon. Looking at t Mary M. Zion Methodist Church. Burial will be in the church cemetery. reviews: Some Alabama Descendants of JAMES ACTON ()

Colvin died at the home near Acton Wednesday morning at 10 a. Obituary next week. The News-Journal, April 24, Funeral servi Like to hear back from you again. Thanks, Jeff. Born in New York City on Jan.

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Prior to moving, she worked for the state of New Mom says her Grandma Nellie took her to Acton Cemetary many years ago and pointed to the two vaulted graves behind Elizabeth Patton Crockett At : , Princes Road, Notting Hill. William Ives, Head, 47, General Dea I am looking for marriage information about Frank Reuben Bromwich born in Acton , London who emigrated from England,.

I think he married Harriet Emily Main in but I cant find any information. Hi Ray. Don't know if you ever sent me an email, but i have lots more info. If this looks familiar to you, i will send more.

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Do you mean George Scrivener b. I have their decendents in my tree. James Acton sp:Elizabeth McCraf Would you email me all you have on John Tabb Acton? I would apreciate it. Does anyone have any information? Any leads out there? Thanks, A Susan Charlie Isacc M.

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Then also in household is Mary Tabb. Her last name was Tabb. I have done extensive research on the Macons thinking may possibly be my family. I am not sure about how Phebe Macon was tied in but I don have the info you requested. John T. George Tabbs web page and it has been very helpful.

Tabb born fathe Gabriel Long Macon and Burchett T. Burchett was born , died There are lot of Jordons in Tn as some married into the Macon He was born 10Mar , died 9 Feb. He had several siblings. Let me know? John Crawford Acton born March 3, I think his dad was John Tabb Acton, unsure of his birth and death date.

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I would apreciate any information. I am very sorry, but I know nothing beyond what was in the old letter. Good luck finding your Tabbs. Linda Glover. Tom Thomas N.

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Acton was the son of John Tabb Acton. I would like to know the birth and death date. I also have a story about him. Obit: Eula M. Valley Oct. She graduated from Huntington High School in and lived in her hometown until This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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George Washington has descendants in Alabama Do you have ancestors in central Alabama? Daniel Milton James born has Alabama descendants. Donna R Causey Donna R. For a complete list of books, visit Donna R Causey Facebook.