Starting Over: A New Beginning for Heatheria (Princess Luanne and Wizard Heatheria Book 2)

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Heatheria has always learned to keep an open mind about everything, magical or normal. But this time, she is recruited by a Princess imprisoned in glass a millennium ago by the Fairy Queen of the Enchanted Forest As Astral, otherwise known as Marisa Winchester, watches her daughter play with her friends and adoptive sister, Princess Luanne of Melania, she suddenly receives a faint message on the spirit winds, from Princess Odette—otherwise known as "The Swan Princess". Can Heatheria and Luanne find Odette's beloved—or, at least, his reincarnation—before the Swan Princess becomes nothing but dust?

The "Princess Luanne and Wizard Heatheria" series turns another page by introducing Melissa, Queen of Palinica, as another person whose life needs changing. After losing her boyfriend, being transformed into a hated Centaur creature, and escaping from the New Luna Coven, Melissa finds herself in the kingdom of Melania, where she must learn to trust Heatheria Winchester and her adoptive sister, Princess Luanne, with the story of her past. The sisters promise her that they will Meanwhile, the New Luna Coven is planning on giving their patron goddess, Diana, a new body so she can eclipse the world into a new Dark Age.

Heatheria Winchester never felt like a "typical, normal girl" before she'd met Princess Luanne and became her best friend. But a few days before school begins, her recluse of a long-lost mother, Marisa Winchester, offers her a chance of a lifetime when she gets Heatheria enrolled in a local middle school in Melania. But on her first day, "Heather", as she is now called, is introduced to Helena Harper, who seems to be the one person no one can stand—not since she had lost her However, Heatheria is determined to touch Helena's heart, and she attempts to do so with a welcome party at the Palace.

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Will Heatheria be able to convince Helena that the real world is not as cruel as she believes it is? Princesses and wizards have reigned supreme in all forms of media, including books. Now, a reluctant Royal and a 'tween wizard prodigy have joined forces to become the newest force for Good in an unknown part of the world.

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    Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Categories: Fantasy Fantasy Books. Free delivery worldwide. Expected to be delivered to Germany by Christmas. Description The adoptive sisters--Princess Luanne and Heatheria Winchester--celebrate the end of the year with three new adventures revolving around Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. In "A Samhain To Remember", the sisters--with Queen Melissa and a Winchester matriarch's spirit in tow--must defeat the Queen of the Underworld before she can exact her revenge upon creation by destroying all the immortals of the universe.

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