The 13th Step (Mystic Valley)

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This is because in the s they would place a red star of David on their doors for protection. The star wasn't part of the Jewish practices before and was introduced by the Rothschilds. In Hebrew, the star is know as "the shield of David". Rothschilds are recognized as the fathers of Zion Israel because of their investments during the world wars in funding the war itself, making deals and buy land in Palestine.

The Rothschild, back in the s, were rumored as being devil worshipers Rothschilds are the richest and most powerful family on the planet. Their assets have previously been estimated at over 50 trillion dollars A good example is before , when they owned a third of the world's gold. They are large oil investors and highly invested in the military industrial complex. Bottom line, most Jews were mislead into Zionism which is the control of the holy land to create Zion: the rise of the anti-christ.

This is Illuminati belief. Many Jewish families have grown aware of this and are now protesting Israel and Zionism Israel as a state is evil. This is why peace in Palestine is impossible. In recent years, Israeli forces have also been attacking UN establishments in Gaza such as a school for children, a hospital and various depots for food storage. Don't ask me for sources this is too much work. Just make a quick internet search yourself on the topics you are most skeptical on.

May peace be with you. Good luck. How bout I remember coming across a dollar bill with an encircled capital M Los Angeles, California imprinted on the front side of the dollar but you stated that there is only 12 Federal Reserved Banks. I swear this true but it happenned more than 10 years ago and haven't seen it since. When the dollar was created they adopted the symbol of the world's currency, which at the time was the Mexican Peso due to its status as the most important colony of Spain.

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Its usage goes well before the stablishment of the United States. Don't know about the other facts though.

Great article! I want to add a little insight they many are unaware of: Numbers are significant. Follow along a little further That is right. Famous Occultist. Now, recall the 'Gadsen Flag' - look it up. What is the phrase? Meaning what? Lets tackle that too.

The 13th Step (Mystic Valley, #2)

What was Lucifer? A Fallen angel who voluntarily left his estate. Having fun yet? I'll wrap this up. Lastly, the 13's and the Flag: The sea of blue is the sea of Mankind. The Stars represent the Angels as is a theme from the Bible. Angels descending onto Mankind. Faulkner of Parrsboro, Nova Scotia. Scammell Brothers of New York, N. Thomas A. Scott became president of the company in Feb. See also Box 6, Folder Vessels from several Boston firms aided in the salvage operations which were carried out during a 50 mile an hour gale.

She sank on the east side of the channel off Fields Point at Providence, R. The scow became water-logged near Fields Point, Providence, R. She was owned by Henry F. Only the cargo and some of the gear were salvaged, the schooner being too badly damaged to be raised. Scott, New London, Conn. She was owned by Horace Sargent of Portland, Me. The receipts from the sale of the cargo were divided between the Scott Company and the underwriters. Hall and Company acted as her agents. James Hughes, Jr..

Jesse Ball Stinson Photography of the Mystic, Connecticut Area

The Scott Company did not attempt any salvage operations, but did submit estimates for the job. McLean, but John Splane and Company. John, New Brunswick, was managing her at the time of the wreck. She was owned by the Paulson Company of Savannah, Ga. Alfred J. Miller of Providence, R.

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As the owners. The Scott Company retained the schooner for its own use after raising her. She was owned by R.

AA 13th Step

Stevens, Jr. Salvage operations were abandoned shortly after they were begun, owing to the unfavorable conditions at the location of the wreck. She was owned by J. Stuart, probably of Weymouth, Nova Scotia.

She was owned by Dexter Craig, of Plymouth, Mass. Tucker, Jr. She was owned by Jacob Brown, Boston, Mass. She sank in the harbor at Boston, Mass. Drill boat 4 was sunk in the harbor at Boston, Mass. Eastern Steamship Corporation, Boston, Mass. Salvage efforts were abandoned after several days because of unfavorable weather conditions and the low value of the schooner. She was owned by the J.


Manchester Haynes Estate, Augusta, Me. She was owned by Daniel S. Davis, Mount Sinai, N. She was owned by John R. Burke, possibly of Woods Hole, Mass. Filer, of New York, N. The yacht was hauled off before the Scott Company arrived.

Records of the T.A. Scott Company, Inc.

She was owned by a Captain Malone. MAY, of Philadelphia, Pa. Cummins and Company, Philadelphia, Pa. She appears to have been owned by J. No salvage operations appear to have been undertaken by the Scott Company. She was owned by O. Gilbert, Boston, Mass. She appears to have been owned by Stewart J. Dailey, New York, N. Most of the correspondence concerns gathering information for a court case stemming from the accident.

Packard Dredging Company, Providence, R. John, New Brunswick, on Dec. She was owned by Norton, Griffith and Company, Ltd. She was towed to Woods Hole, Mass. No salvage operations were attempted as the barge was not located. A check of the index cards which came with the papers indicate that there probably never was such a category. J Series Box Folder 9 9 J1a Papers, including correspondence, a telegram, transcriptions of telephone conversations, a bill, memorandums of charges, and a memorandum of services rendered the tug JAMES H.

She was owned by Herbert C.