The Sandman: The Dream Hunters (2008-2009) (The Sandman Presents)

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We didn't have a garden, and our month-old son loved riding a tricycle. If he tried riding in the house he would have died because there were stairs everywhere, so every day I would take him down our precipitous stairs, and he would ride his little tricycle round and round the gravestones. As I watched him happily toddling I would think about how incredibly at home he looked. I had that idea when I was 24 years old. I sat down and tried writing it and thought, "This is a really good idea, and this isn't very good writing. I'm not good enough for this yet, and I will put it off until I'm better.

Craig Russell, in No.

The Sandman: The Dream Hunters () #4 (of 4) - Comics by comiXology

Sandman Presents: Dead Boy Detectives. The Sandman Presents: Taller Tales. Collects : Merv Pumpkinhead, Agent of D. Sandman Presents: The Furies. Sandman Presents Petrafax. Sandman Presents The Corinthian. Sandman Presents Bast. Sandman Presents Love Street. The Dead Boy Detectives. Dead Boy Detectives Vol. Dark Nights: Metal. The Dreaming Vol. Books of Magic Vol. House of Whispers Vol. He's a long-time comic book fan, and can be seen most evenings in Batman pajama pants.

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  • Sandman: The Dream Hunters (Vertigo)

Contact Dave comicbookherald on Twitter or via email at dave comicbookherald. Thanks for this! Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Works previously published by DC under other imprints, but which fit the general character of Vertigo, have been reprinted under this imprint. This has included V for Vendetta , earlier issues of Vertigo's ongoing launch series, and books from discontinued imprints such as Transmetropolitan initially under DC's short-lived sci-fi Helix imprint and A History of Violence originally part of the Paradox Press line.

Two of the new ongoing series did not last long; Kid Eternity was cancelled after 16 issues, and Black Orchid continued for only Sandman Mystery Theatre and most of the pre-existing series continued for several years, including Sandman which reached its planned conclusion with Hellblazer was the last of the original ongoing series to be canceled, ceasing publication in February with As the imprint's initial ongoing series came to their ends, new series were launched to replace them, with varying degrees of success.

The Sandman was replaced following its completion by The Dreaming — and The Sandman Presents , which featured stories about the characters from Neil Gaiman's series, written by other creators. In December , Karen Berger announced that she would be leaving the company the following March. Rich , until May when Mark Doyle became the new editor. In , DC Comics announced a "line-wide relaunch and rebranding" as "DC Vertigo", including 11 new ongoing titles planned for the coming year.

A new line based on Neil Gaiman 's Sandman was announced in March with four new ongoing series: [19].

The Sandman: The Dream Hunters (2008-2009) #4 (of 4)

Seven new series were announced in June [18]. In June , DC announced that, as part of a consolidation into a unified branding, the Vertigo imprint would be discontinued in January The financial success of many Vertigo titles relied not on monthly issue sales, but on the subsequent "trade paperback" editions that reprinted the monthly comics in volumes which were sold not merely in comic shops, but in all bookshops.

Vertigo's success in popularizing the trade paperback collection led to a wider take-up in the American comics industry of routinely reprinting monthly series in this format. Over its history, the Vertigo imprint has experimented with a number of different branding, sub-imprint and business practices.

The Sandman: The Dream Hunters (2008-2009)

In irregular series of self-contained short stories featured characters from the DC Universe, reinterpreted or recontextualized. Vertigo Visions: Artwork from the Cutting Edge of Comics was a collection of artwork from various Vertigo titles, with commentary by Alisa Kwitney. The Vertigo Voices featured creator-owned "distinctive one-shot stories.

Another title was announced as part of the initial line-up, but not released: Bizarre Boys by Grant Morrison, Peter Milligan, and Jamie Hewlett, [27] with metafictional authors "Morrigan" and "Millison" on a quest to find their titular creations.

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The " fifth-week event " brand V2K Vertigo , was a "much hyped concept" whose titles were designed to "usher The Vertigo Pop miniseries were designed "to be about pop culture around the globe in some vaguely defined way. In , the Vertigo imprint celebrated "Ten years on the edge" [34] by branding their books cover-dated April to February i.

This special subtitle was debuted on the Vertigo X Anniversary Preview April , a page special previewing Vertigo's upcoming projects and featuring a short Shade, the Changing Man story by the "Ecstatic" team of Peter Milligan and Mike Allred a pun on their then-current Marvel project together: X-Statix.

Projects highlighted included Death: At Death's Door , Jill Thompson 's first manga -ized version of the " Season of Mists " storyline, retold from the point of view of the Sandman 's elder sister Death and Gaiman's own return to the mythos with the hardcover Sandman: Endless Nights all-star collection of short stories spotlighting the seven members of the Endless. Also highlighted and previewed were two original graphic novels: Lovecraft based on a screenplay by Hans Rodionoff and adapted by Keith Giffen with art by Enrique Breccia took the conceit that H.

Lovecraft 's Cthulhu mythos creatures were real, to paint a highly fictionalized biographic portrait of the titular author, while Howard Chaykin and David Tischman 's Barnum! The final Vertigo Pop! Similarly, two other graphic novels were released during the year, but not specifically highlighted in the preview as anniversary titles:. The following ongoing series had issues released during Vertigo's anniversary year and those issues carried the "Vertigo X" branding:.

The following series and miniseries finished during the year, with the final issues featuring the "Vertigo X" logo:.

At the Comic-Con International Karen Berger outlined plans for a new "sub-imprint" [35] called Vertigo Crime: "it's a line of graphic novels, in black and white, hardcover". Vertigo Crime was ended as a sub-imprint in The following original graphic novels have been published under the Vertigo Crime imprint in order of publication :. In addition to Berger, several other editors have become linked to the imprint. Berger was editing proto-Vertigo titles from the start of her time with DC, beginning in with House of Mystery. Berger continued with The Sandman and Shade during , and saw the pre-Vertigo titles as "all [having] some basis in reality.

By the early s, "[t]he core Vertigo titles had already become their own little enclave," so when Berger returned from maternity leave, she spoke with DC President Jenette Kahn and Executive Editor Dick Giordano , the outcome being a separate imprint to "actively expand [the] sensibility" of the titles she had been editing. Berger included in the initial Vertigo line-up the five titles she had had some hand in creating or editing Swamp Thing , Hellblazer , Animal Man , Sandman and Shade as well as Doom Patrol which she "decided to include Two months later, Young also took on the initial issues of The Sandman , before in mid moving to Doom Patrol , which with Animal Man he edited until early also over-seeing the original Books of Magic miniseries along the way.

Young's last editorial credit for Vertigo was Flex Mentallo 1 June Shelly Bond is a Vertigo Group Editor. Like Young, she has overseen a large number of notable projects during her almost- exclusive time working with Vertigo since April Between and , she edited titles exclusively for Vertigo with one exception — the nine issues of Peter Bagge and Gilbert Hernandez 's Yeah!

She co- edited the final 25 issues of The Dreaming between and , initially as Shelly Roeberg, and latterly as Shelly Bond after marrying artist Philip Bond , and most of the Sandman Presents She oversaw the first fourteen issues of American Virgin , the first eleven of Jack of Fables , the first two Vertigo Pop! She helped shepherd the OGNs Barnum!

He soon left Swamp Thing to Stuart Moore , however with issue , and Moore would edit and co-edit the remaining 71 issues of that title, including the switch from DC to Vertigo. Peyer left editing behind in , returning to DC as a writer.

The Sandman: The Dream Hunters (2008-2009)

Moore edited a wide range of Vertigo titles between and , including the transitional issues of Hellblazer as well as Swamp Thing , the first fifteen issues of The Invisibles , the first seventeen issues of Preacher and the first thirty issues of Transmetropolitan. He also edited several miniseries for both Vertigo and Vertigo's sister imprint Helix. Will Dennis was promoted from assistant editor to editor upon Alonso's departure. He took over the editing of Bullets and later assumed the reins of Vertigo's biggest hit series since Preacher , Brian K.

Dennis edited Vaughan's commercially successful graphic novel Pride of Baghdad. He is the editor presiding over the ongoing Vertigo Crime line of graphic novels. Jonathan Vankin was hired as an editor at Vertigo in after previously writing two of the line's Vertigo Pop miniseries and several entries in the Paradox Press "Big Book" series as well as several other non-comics works.

His contributions to the line as an editor have included the series, The Exterminators and Testament. For the latter, he brought media theorist Douglas Rushkoff to Vertigo. Taking over editing of Hellblazer from Will Dennis, he hired acclaimed Scottish crime novelist Denise Mina to write the title for 13 issues.

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He brought Harvey Pekar to Vertigo, where Pekar published the graphic novel The Quitter as well as eight issues of Pekar's long-running American Splendor autobiographical series. Although the "mature reader" works of Alan Moore , Grant Morrison with Jamie Delano and Neil Gaiman under the DC imprint paved the way for Vertigo's launch, neither author was part of the initial line-up.