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As the case of Korea shows, large developing countries like the BRICS are not the only emerging powers active in global governance. Newly developed or high income developing countries like South Korea, Turkey and Mexico are also active emerging powers, taking new initiatives, setting agendas and mediating conflicts between rival groups on the global stage. Because these high income developing countries have advanced under and benefited from the liberal international order, they see a great stake in its stability and show a willingness to protect it. All Genres.

The Rise of Korean Leadership G. Fons Trompenaars. True North Groups. Bill George. Intrinsic Motivation at Work. Kenneth W. Generations at Work. Ron Zemke. The Dance of Change. Creating Leaderful Organizations. Joseph A. Coaching for Leadership. Marshall Goldsmith. Beyond Reengineering. Michael Hammer. Good People. Anthony Tjan. Gary Burnison. Crucibles of Leadership. Robert J. One Minute Mentoring. Ken Blanchard. The Personal Business Plan. Stephen Bruyant-Langer. Ant Hive Media. Creating Value with Big Data Analytics. Edwin Kooge. The Leader of the Future 2. Frances Hesselbein.

Mark Schwartz. Michael C. The Oxford Handbook of Internet Studies. William H. Rod Pyle. Finding the Courage to Lead. The Innovation Killer. Information Management.

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Fons Wijnhoven. Rob Goffee. Economic Policy? Jagdish Bhagwati. Beyond Management. Get There Early. Bob Johansen. Brilliant Decision Making. Robbie Steinhouse. Leading in Times of Crisis. David L. Invaluable Knowledge. William Rothwell. Developing Knowledge-Based Client Relationships. Ross Dawson. Making Conflict Work.

Peter T. Ed Rehkopf. Principles of Pricing. Rakesh V.

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Leading with Conviction. Shalom Saada Saar. Meaningful Workplaces. Neal E. Style Differences in Cognition, Learning, and Management. Stephen Rayner. Leading Gracefully. Monique Svazlian Tallon. Foundation of Reality with Practical Values. Empowered Leadership-How to get the best from your team. Kim Olver. Agile Information Systems. Kevin Desouza.

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Financial Communications. Living in More Than One World. Bruce Rosenstein. Wilson Wong. Business Leadership. Joan V. Turning the Pyramid Upside Down. Marilyn D.

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Jacobson PhD. Re-energizing the Corporation. Jonas Ridderstrale. Dignity and the Organization. Monika Kostera. Des Dearlove.

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Stuart Crainer. What we mean when we talk about leadership. Thinkers 50 Leadership: Organizational Success through Leadership.