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Aided by the gift of second sight, Maili MacDonald, sister of the ruthless chief, senses the handsome, dark-haired stranger will somehow be important in her life. Compelled to help him, she insists on providing him food and a healer to see to his injuries.

Laurel's life bears no resemblance to the love stories she writes. While handsome heroes are easy to imagine, they're much more difficult to find. Years of bad dates with creepy men have left her feeling cynical toward all things related to love. When she and her best friend find themselves caught up in Morna's meddling magic and are transported to 17th-century Scotland, Laurel meets a man who threatens to change her attitude toward matters of the heart.

Gwyneth Carswell, an English lady banished by her father to the harsh Scottish Highlands, wants nothing more than to take her young son away from the violence of two fighting clans - her own distant kin, the MacIrwins, and their enemies, the MacGraths. She risks everything to rescue the fierce MacGrath warrior from the battlefield where he's left for dead by her clan. She only knows she is inexplicably drawn to him and he wants peace as she does. When her clan learns of her betrayal, they seek vengeance.

Dare she trust the enemy more than her own family? But by taking in and protecting Lady Gwyneth and her son, he provokes more attacks from his mortal enemy.

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As the danger and conflict surrounding them escalate, Alasdair and Gwyneth discover an explosive passion neither of them expected. With the arrival of a powerful man from her past, a horrible decision confronts her - give up her son or the man she loves. Lady Angelique Drummagan, a half-Scottish, half-French countess, has suffered much pain and betrayal in her past. She wants nothing to do with the sensual Scottish warrior the king has ordered her to marry because the rogue could never be a faithful husband, but she has little choice in the matter.

Dangerous, greedy enemies threaten her from all sides, and she's in dire need of his protection. He secretly waits for the one woman that legend says will be his and his alone: his perfect other half, and each year of waiting grows longer and more difficult than the last. Bren hungers for her with a need stronger than he has ever felt before, but in a world filled with magic and the timeless, endless battle between good and evil, both his honor and her life are soon at stake. Faith McAlpin had never thought she was much different from anyone else… but she is, and always has been.

She would soon learn just how different, and the lessons come fast and furious, until she wonders if she will lose herself entirely, especially to the fiery passion and mesmerizing gaze of the Mac Coinnach Chief. Now the struggle has only begun…. At the time Amazon was offering this book for free, so I picked it up to try it out. I did find myself liking this book more then I expected too. We get adventure, magic, history and romance.

Faith is a very likable character, she was level headed and open minded about what happens too her.

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I liked that about her, so she was put into a positive light right from the start with me. Bren I was drawn to his masculine charm and charisma.

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