Touchstone For Change: A Sociology of Peace

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Meyer facilitated nonviolence trainings at Juniata on Feb 19, , and April 14, A former public draft registration resister and youngest chair in the history of the War Resisters League, he was a founder of the Progressive Student Network and representative of the United States Student Association to the coalition which organized the historic million-person UN mobilization for disarmament and human needs.

April Story Circle workshop with theater professional Gerard Stropnicky.

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Invitation only. Gerard Stropnicky is in his 45th year as a multi-faceted theatre professional. In rural communities, in Appalachia, Pennsylvania, and the deep South, he writes and directs large-scale site-specific productions featuring diverse community casts employing local story to celebrate, challenge, and address intractable issues.


Several were co-written with poet and playwright Jo Carson. For his service to the autism community, he was the Temple Grandin Award winner for service to the autism community. Taco bar and socializing with PACS students, faculty, staff, and friends of the program. April David Radcliff gave a lecture titled "When worlds collide: Native vs. This student-coordinated lecture was free and open to the public.

This lecture was free and open to the public. She is the recipient of prestigious scholarships such as the Carnegie Fellowship, the Rockefeller scholarship through the Association for the Advancement of African Women Economists and the Political Economy Research Institute at the University of Massachusetts. Nanziri sits on several steering committee and panels dedicated to socio-economic development in developing countries.

Known best for their appearance at the end of the film O Brother Where Art Thou, and on the subsequent soundtrack release, the Fairfield Four are alive and well and still singing in the traditional African American a cappella gospel style they have been known for since the group's inception almost years ago. John Fogerty loved Fairfield's rootsy sound so much he decided he had to feature them on his second comeback album, Blue Moon Swamp singing on the track "A Hundred and Ten in the Shade.

They were also inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame in Loomis' talk provided a perspective on how national security interests require fresh analysis about risks of violent conflict and dedicated thinking about effective responses to mitigate those risks.


He described how this effort is evolving inside the US government and ways the State Department is structured to respond to evolving threats of conflict and instability. His primary responsibility is providing expert counsel on localized peace processes, the development of strategies to prevent violent conflict, and elevating policy that relates to conflict and instability.


Andrew received his Ph. Free event for students only. Professor Clements discussed the painful history of northeast Asia. I Agree. Lene A. Henri Tajfel and John C. Austin, eds. James E.

Israela Silberman, E. Tory Higgins, and Carol S.

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See especially pp. Allison G.

Jerrold M. Erik H. David F. Steven K. Linda M. Woolf and Michael R. Shalom H. Benjamin R. Robert J. Waterman, David R. Matteson, Sally L. Archer, and Jacob L. Sally L. Archer and Alan S. Jeffrey L. Michael D. Roy F. Amy E. Alan S. Gerald R. Adams and Sheila K. Bosma and Sakia E. Post, Kevin G. Ruby, and Eric D.

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Questions that emerged from her travels were: if we use commercialism as a unifier, are we missing something? Are we overlooking the organic planet? Are we overlooking that we humans are organic? One of Ann's main concerns is that we, as a society, will overlook that all life is interconnected. Touchstone for Change : A Sociology of Peace. Ann Valentin. They are true! The world is changing so quickly that it can be overwhelming. Are you wondering how you fit in? Are changes necessary in your life?

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