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Overview Paul Ott hasn't finished telling his story yet. In his own voice, talking about his life, the interviews that formed the basis for his authorized biography, entertaining as he could be, the voice of Mississippi--singer, songwriter, conservationist, pioneering videographer, and entertaining as all get-out raconteur, Paul Ott Carruth comes back to us. Included are the promos from Facebook that proved to his fans that the Magnolia State's troubadour may have left the scene but had definitely not gone away!

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Which one was blind in one eye? Which First Lady hated the color yellow so much she banished all the furnishings in the White House and the flowers in the outside gardens of Check out this Circadian Rhythm cycle. If possible, attempt an afternoon nap today between 1. Afternoon naps are a great way to induce lucidity, as we are often more aware as we slip into hypnagogic reverie. Find somewhere comfortable to lie down where you can be undisturbed and perhaps put on some relaxing music or use one of the audio sleep meditations track posted here previously.

Lose yourself in a pleasant memory and follow it into a snooze. Write down your impressions and reflections, however vague and get this dialogue between your conscious and unconscious going. I've found this simple and affordable brew - simply steep a handful of fresh rosemary in boiled water for ten minutes - can have a potent effect on memory and dream recall. Back in , researchers completed a study on the impact of frankincense on depression and anxiety. Pharmacologists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem said evidence indicates that the aroma of frankincense might help regulate emotions such as anxiety and depression.

It improves spatial memory and memory retention. Many people find that it makes a perfect incense to use during meditation, energy work, or chakra exercises such as opening the third eye. Are you ready? Today would be a perfect day to forego kwaffee and have an afternoon nap. Just consciously intending to dream can be a very powerful force. More exercises coming later, but do try to minimise engagement with social media and devices today, spend some time writing down your thoughts, feelings and reflections - putting pen to paper and reimagining yourself as an archetype, what do you need?

What do you feel? What recurring patterns can you sense? Draw something from your imagination. Listen to awe inspiring music, go for a long adventure in the countryside, walk in the dark. Reality is encoded with the language of dreaming - symbols, contemplate the layers of meaning in the structures, forms, nature, animals, birds, forces, characters, words and people that surround you.

Check out the audio links on previous posts for guided sleep meditations. I recommend listening to this in bed just before going to sleep and avoid looking at devices afterwards. Have you ever had a nightmare in which you scream out and no matter how hard you try, no sound comes out? You can really feel the effort you are putting into that scream and that is because your voice box is actually making the micro-movements of a scream whilst you are asleep. The same applies when you speak words in dreams. Scientists are now decoding what you say in dreams by translating these silent voice box micro-movements into speech.

I had a thought recently about the impact of symbolic imagery on dream content. I have always been drawn to surreal art and strong symbolic imagery in films. I believe that by exposing ourselves to beautiful, awe-inspiring symbolic art and archetypal imagery, we are feeding our minds and souls with just the right kind of dream food that will help us make sense of ourselves, our world and our place within it.

  • P. Dubina Western, Bd. 19: Die Plünderer von Nevada (Western-Reihe) (German Edition);
  • Mysterious Musings: Mary Reed and Eric Mayer: A Mystery Writing Duo.

As we think better thoughts and dream better dreams, we can become better versions of ourselves. I meet many people at my dream talks and workshops who have boring dreams, perhaps ones in which they are working all day at the office, or ones in which they are scrolling through Facebook feeds or texting someone. If you want beautiful dreams, fill your eyes and ears with the most beautiful things. Writer, researcher and workshop facilitator on the subject of sleep, dream culture and practice. Read a novel if you want good dreams. It is such a simple and pleasurable exercise, but it fires up the powers of imagination and helps develop visual imaging ability and it is really an unrivalled technique for cultivating a rich dream life.

Neuroscientists have proven that neural pathways form when we read a novel, as we actively imagine ourselves in a new world. One of my best tips for dream-making is reading novels, and surrealist, magical-realist, fantasy, sci-fi, dream-like novels are the best I think. This hypnagogic quest for meaning in an unravelling nonsense dream world became like a memory-map upon which my own dream realm designed itself. When Alice tries to remember herself, she becomes more conscious of the dream she is in and she taught me a lot about dream journeys and questioning.

If you are always questioning are you more likely to become lucid during sleep? My next literary dream inspiration was JG Ballard. I was just a kid, but I had a taste for surrealist art and JG Ballard novels most often feature art of this genre, as he was a keen collector of the stuff.

I loved it, it was weird and erotic and gross and exotic. Like dream reality it blended the mundane with the supernatural. I read everything of his I could get my hands on. I thought I wanted to be an actor when I was a kid — but when I went to drama school I realised that actually I just liked pretending and imagining. I went to a little drama club in Croydon at the Warehouse Theatre and I made friends with some posh kids and one of them told me to read Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov.

To me this sentence sums up the divine visual, symbolic and poetic wordplay style Nabokov employs and it communicates something of the puns and wordplay we find in dreams. Nabokov himself recognised the problem with the cover art and said:. I want pure colours, melting clouds, accurately drawn details, a sunburst above a receding road with the light reflected in furrows and ruts, after rain.

And no girls. The further Humbert Humbert takes his muse away from her home, the deeper and deeper he gets into illusion. There is no escape from yourself. Dreams are often journeys, they often involve modes of transport, thwarted attempts to get somewhere or find something. Lolita does a great job of psycho-analysing reality and illuminating the symbols and ghosts that haunt our lives.

Shall we go there? Light from the world produces a negative impression when we close our eyes. A dark radiance. Our powers of imagination and memory fill in the blanks. Our dream visions are coloured light-impressions that mimic the world we see outside, as they interpret the signals we receive from within. The elements within us — when we zoom into the most ancient and invisible level of our electrical form — are entangled with everything else in the universe. The dream realm is a place to tap into universal remembrance, a mythological form of memory, a place where no time exists, where the art of seeing is woven into the fabric of the dream world.

We see with every atom of our creation. When we fall asleep, we visit the realm we emerged from at birth and the realm we shall enter when we die. Dreaming might help our souls navigate the Otherside.

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The implications of beaver reintroduction to biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. He has a lifelong interest in nature and wildlife and has been fortunate enough to conduct field research in various parts of the world including the UK, Kefalonia, Almeria, Texas, the Peruvian Amazon, Vietnam and Ethiopia. He has a keen interest in beavers and their overdue introduction to the UK, and was media volunteer for the Scottish Wild Beaver Group, effectively a PR agent for Scotland's beavers.

After the talk guests are invited to join us for a walk around the wood of Summerfields.

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Sharing a bed with a partner can be problematic when it comes to high quality sleep. Most people have different sleep routines and habits. Women are more likely to be light-sleepers and are often more adversely affected by bed-sharing with a partner. Leo [6CJ. Heimall [ Carol Nemeth [btJ. Owens, Irene Radford [CbN. Seward [cMW. Paulson [cSe. Duncan [cxs. Smith [d1t. Rhoad III [dFh. By Selwyn Dumisani Dhliwayo [dmC. Lee [EaU. Golden [EiV. Wassel [fdg.